Iowa Writing Project

Money, Money, Money

Chad H.

What would you do if you made 1.5 million dollars a year? GO ON STRIKE!!! I think not. Well, that's what they did. That's what the so called baseball players did.

It's all about money. The American dream. The owners want money and the players want money. The owners want to put a salary cap on. The salary cap is a set amount of money a team can spend on each season. That means that the owners get more money by cutting the players' salary. The minimum salary in major league baseball is one hundred thousand dollars plus expenses! I think teams should have the salary cap and use the excess money that the owners would get on schools, poverty, and charities. The main thing is play ball. . . for the love of the game.

Cecil Fielder, an outfielder on the Detroit Tigers, said it wasn't fair for the players to be ripped off like this. He makes 1.2 million dollars a year. He weighs 320 pounds and all he does is hit the ball out of the park 35 times a season. He makes that much money and has the nerve to complain about it. That's not fair. Play ball, guys.