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Iowa Writing Project

IWP Initiative 2017-18:Teacher Leadership in a Common Core Era

IWP Initiative 2017-18
Teacher Leadership in a Common Core Era

With federal SEED funding through the National Writing Project, the Iowa Writing Project invites participants to a special Level II institute exploring contemporary teacher leadership. Teachers who have participated in at least Level I of IWP, and who are relatively early in their careers as teachers or at least as teacher leaders, may register for one of the positions in a year-long study of teacher leadership/stewardship in the common/Iowa core era and context. Much of your participation will occur in face-to-face sessions; part of it will occur on line.

The initiative calendar will begin with a session July 27 - 28, 2017 at UNI. The group will then meet quarterly during the school year (dates to be determined in July) and sustain interaction on line between the quarterly sessions, leading to a culminating 1-week session June 18-22 2018 (the MA: TESS June ’18 course). Quarterly weekend sessions may be held in different places depending on the geographic distribution of participants. It will be crucial for everyone to participate in all sessions.

IWP Level II carries 3 semester hours of graduate credit at a cost of $150 per credit hour ($450 total) plus a $50 materials fee. This Level II qualifies as the IWP Level II for candidates in the MA:TESS program, including those in the new cohort launched summer 2017. Registration will be for fall semester 2017, though the course will not be completed and grades recorded until June 2018. TESS candidates registering for both Milestone Studies in the Teaching of English and IWP Level II for fall semester (6 hrs. total) should qualify for financial aid

Appropriate professional literature, provided on site and on line, will fuel sharing and exploration of leadership/stewardship experiences and challenges brought by participants as they pursue professional practices congruent with IWP principles and beliefs. A major goal will be to foster, regarding teacher leadership responsibilities and stewardship aspirations, the kind of collegial study and support IWP institutes have long brought to teaching writing and using writing to learn. Expect a comparable experience with an added focus; expect the same attention to teacher experience, in part as processed by writing.

Registration occurs through UNI Continuing Education. A link to registration appears below and on the IWP web page at:   IWP veterans should use this information to promote participation by eligible colleagues. If you have participated in IWL Level II before but not the initiative on teacher leadership, you are eligible.

Register: ENGLISH 6233 IWP Level 2: