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Iowa Writing Project

Iowa Writing Project 2017 Sessions

Iowa Writing Project 2017 Sessions

The Iowa Writing Project is continuing its summer workshops and institutes to promote teacher education and learning ways to use writing to enhance student learning across disciplines. See the following list of IWP events to find a session that you can attend to continue the process of engaging students and achieving success.

IWP Level I (Initial Level Institute)
With colleagues, focus on teaching writing and using writing to enhance learning across disciplines; explore your own teaching by reading and discussing professional literature and shared practice; write, reflect upon and share your writing to inform and support teaching and self-advocacy; build your own pedagogy and philosophy.
Term: Summer 2017 – 3 Hr. course
Schedule: June 12-30, M-F 8:00 a.m.-3:00p.m.
Location: 1017 Bartlett Hall, UNI campus
Instructors: Anne Weir, IWP Co-Director; Jim Davis, IWP Director
Cost: $150 per unit; $450 total

Note: Part of MA:TESS program; enrollment NOT limited to the cohort.
For more re IWP: Jim Davis - 319-273-3842;;

To register: ENGLISH 6233 IWP Level 1:

IWP Level II (Advanced Workshop)
The workshop is part of but not limited to the MA:TESS program for the 2017 Cohort. Scheduled for 2 days in late July, 4 Saturdays during the 2017-18 school year, and one week in June 2018; extends Level I institute work with a special emphasis on teacher leadership; allows for teacher-leader inquiry cycles between sessions during the school year. (3 hrs. grad. credit; $150 per hr.)
Instructors: Anne Weir & Kirstey Ewald
Dates: July 27-28, 2017 +4 Saturdays during the academic year & June 18-22 2018.
Register: ENGLISH 6233 IWP Level 2:

Teaching Deliberately: Writing and Civic Literacy (workshop)
Participants explore deliberative public dialogue as a way to promote, in schools and in communities, civic learning about and civil engagement with potentially divisive public issues. Approaches to civic engagement offer processes and curriculum for civic education. (2 hrs. graduate credit; $150 per hr.)
Location: ISEA/CWUU, 4211 Glass Road NE Suite E1, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Dates: July 10-12, 2017 plus two Saturdays during fall semester. Instr. Jim Davis
Register: ENGLISH 5133-Teaching Deliberatively:

Coaching as/for Reflective Practice: Learning from Writing (Workshop)
Participants engage perspectives on and approaches to instructional coaching, with particular emphasis on reflective practice and what can be learned through writing and sharing in a collaborative relationship and inquiry approach. Participants expect to: read and discuss; reflect and share; plan and apply. (2 hrs. graduate credit; $150 per hr.)
Instructors: Brad Weidenaar and Jim Davis
Schedule: July31- Aug.1 (UNI campus) +3 Saturdays fall semester-TBD.
To register:    (forthcoming)

Writing to Learn in Social Studies
Approach literacy expectations in the new social studies standards from a foundation of exemplary work with writing as a learning mode. Expect collegial, collaborative work on uses of writing to: develop questions and plan inquiries; apply disciplinary concepts and tools; evaluate sources and use evidence; communicate conclusions and take informed action. Also expect attention to teacher leadership for improvement of learning in social studies. (2 hrs. graduate credit; $150 per hr.)
Instructors: Erin Miller and Jim Davis
Schedule: 2 days July 27-28, 2017 (UNI campus) +3 Saturdays fall semester – TBD.
To register:     (forthcoming)

All activities will be posted on the IWP website:

Also promoted by ICTE & ISEA