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Iowa Writing Project

English 5133 Writing to Learn in Social Studies

English 5133 Writing to Learn in Social Studies – An IWP Workshop

Approach literacy expectations in the new Iowa social studies standards from a foundation of exemplary work with writing as a learning mode. Expect collegial, collaborative work on uses of writing to: foster close reading and discussion; develop questions and plan inquiries; apply disciplinary concepts and tools; evaluate sources and use evidence; communicate conclusions and take informed action. Attend to teacher leadership for improved learning in social studies.

(2 hrs. graduate credit; $150 per hr.)
Instructors: Erin Miller (Ames CSD) and Jim Davis, IWP
Schedule: 5 days - July 27-28 (UNI campus) & 3 Saturdays fall semester (dates & place TBD).

Learning goals: Participants will –

  • Become familiar with content and implications of the 2017 Iowa Social Studies Standards (ISSS);
  • Understand significant facets of professional, societal and political contexts for the implementation of the new ISSS;
  • Explore implications of the ISSS for their programs and course curricula;
  • Explore implications of the ISSS for social studies pedagogy;
  • Plan, conduct and share reflective inquiries into ISSS implementation efforts;
  • Consider implications of the ISSS for teacher leadership in social studies.

Supported writing expectations (some of what will be asked; adjusted as workshop unfolds):

  • Interpretive reviews of selected segments of Standards;
  • Reviews of professional articles projecting applications in practice;
  • Supported arguments regarding issues in Standards implementation;
  • Document-based questions to guide workshop discussions;
  • “In progress” reflections on discussions, activities, etc.;
  • PAR (Plan, Act Reflect) Inquiry Plans for implementation/application pilots;
  • Summative report on personal experience/use of the workshop.

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