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Iowa Writing Project

English 5133 Coaching as/for Reflective Practice

English 5133 Coaching as/for Reflective Practice: Learning from Writing (Workshop)
Participants engage perspectives on and approaches to instructional coaching, with particular emphasis on reflective practice and what can be learned through writing and sharing in a collaborative relationship and an inquiry approach. Expect to: read and discuss; reflect and share; plan and apply.

(2 hrs. graduate credit; $150 per hr.)
Instructors: Brad Weidenaar (Marshalltown CSD) & Jim Davis, Director, IWP (UNI)

Schedule: 5 days – July 31-Aug.1 (UNI campus) & 3 Saturdays fall semester (TBD).

Learning goals: Participants will –

  • Explore emerging scholarship on instructional coaching as teacher leadership;
  • Deepen experience with and understanding of reflection through writing;
  • Explore personal experiences as instructional coaches/teacher leaders;
  • Engage collaboratively with issues and practices inherent in instructional coaching and teacher leadership;
  • Plan, conduct and share reflective inquiries into personal practices as instructional coaches/teacher leaders;
  • Build/refine a professional support network of practitioner colleagues.

Presentation expectations:

  • Self-introduction as a developing, experienced professional;
  • Interpretations and discussion facilitation for selected readings;
  • PAR cycle discoveries/reflections;
  • Individual workshop synthesis..

Writing expectations (some of what will be asked, with adjustments as workshop unfolds):

  • Reflective “memoirs” of specific coaching/leadership experiences;
  • Interpretations and syntheses of reading experiences;
  • Supported positions statements on issues and practices in coaching/leadership;
  • “In progress” reflections on discussions, activities, etc.;
  • PAR (Plan, Act, Reflect) Inquiry Plans for implementation/application pilots;
  • Summative report on personal experience/use of the workshop.

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